CEO’s greetings

If you see any problem in environment, culture, industry, economy, development, region, energy, education and welfare, that problem has to be spotted intuitively and solved together in order to revive the value of “people” and make all people respected.

Too many people in developing countries are struggling to get through the day and make a living, the poverty of which is later consumed with the deep feeling of isolation. In the case of advanced countries with developed culture and economy such as Korea, excessive competition, overwhelming value put on materialistic success, and trying to win recognition and success accepted by society are heavily weighing down on people to make them deeply isolated, distancing them from the essential human values.

if anything is Mine, it shall be shared with isolated neighbors

Sharing is to become one shred of light and warmth for someone else.

With a strong belief that sharing is needed to revive the innate human nature and make life complete, we try to approach sharing through a “company”, the most universal language in the capitalistic society.

Generate social values through supply of products and services

Transparent accounting with fair and equal labor & profit sharing

People oriented company built by and built for people that returns its profits to the society to actually exercise sharing instead of paying a dividend based on the shareholding.

Many people describe “not an easy job” as “difficult.”

Many people describe “a little difficult job” as “impossible.”


“impossible” is just “a little difficult job” and

“difficult” is just “not an easy job to do.”

Energy Farm Co., Ltd. wants to remain not as a “company that made its reach” but as “company that never gave up on going forward to make its reach.”

That is our faith, dream and love.

We have that dream.

And we believe it is the dream of all our people, not just ours.