Development Cooperation & Social Enterprise

Most of the serious social problems of developing countries arise from structural imbalance.

Especially, energy poverty not only causes inconvenience but affects the level of sanitation, education and labor opportunity.


Energy Farm Co., Ltd. carried out many regional development projects in Nepal, Tanzania, the Philippines and Cambodia based on its possessed appropriate & practical technology and its rich experience. In particular, from September 2011 to March 2013, it took charge of field works in Appropriate Technology Transfer Project in Cambodia, jointly organized by ASIEC, the Korean government organization, and GGGI, an international organization, to transfer technology and conduct training with solar cooker, solar power generation facility, and Scheffler solar facility.

We were able to maintain sustainability of appropriate technology by not only transferring the useful technology but making sure that the locals actually make good use of the product and service by themselves.

By far the greatest achievement of continuous application and support is the creation of ECO SOLAR, a small enterprise set up by local people who received technological transfer training tailored to local conditions. This company produces and sells solar cooker and install various scale of solar power generation facility from 100w to 4Kw. It is presenting solar power use in Cambodian society and spreading appropriate technology. What is more, all the profit of this company goes back to the society to improve hygiene and conduct sanitation education except for labor cost (going to locals) and fixed cost.

What we achieved from this project was much more than we could have expected.

First of all, fuel needed for cooking is now provided free, electricity use became possible, job was created for those who previously lacked education, and social company is now run by those very people, changing their lives completely.

From now on, we will not stop at one-time assistance but strive harder toward overseas support project to develop the region and enhance quality of life in cooperation with the government, companies’ CSR team and many NGOs.