Energy Education

There is a rising interest and more efforts put on renewable energy worldwide and Korea is also part of that move. However, Korea’s main renewable energy related projects and researches have been narrowly focused on examining capitalistic value of efficiency and economy and proceeded in mostly large scale.

So far, the few small scaled facility and energy independence campaign did not achieve great success either because they did not pay enough attention to Korea’s unique geographic condition such as limited sunlight duration, some sunless days, and weak wind volume on the mainland. Also, renewable energy was always outcompeted by cheap nuclear energy that is considered to have higher economic feasibility – leaving many obstacles in changing people’s mind and participation.

Energy Farm Co. Ltd. worked hard to spread the true notion of green growth and to induce wider participation by making people to realize the severity of energy crisis and encourage them to find solutions for themselves through various technology education, production, training and workshops related to energy independence in joint cooperation with regional communities, school and civic groups.

Based on this experience, we systematically restructured training manual and curriculum to do more active education by joining hands with Korea’s elementary-middle-high-university, many civic groups & organizations and local governments.

By doing a practical energy related education and campaign going beyond just theory teaching, we will contribute to fulfilling social values of instilling right awareness and to leading an energy-conserving lifestyle.