Mission & Vision

Core value

We respect each individual’s scared value.
We present sustainable energy alternatives to protect our nature and the environment.
We work hard to fight against poverty and to increase life quality through “Energy Equality.”
We respect all regions’ unique culture, tradition and diversity.

Company belief and philosophy

  • We work to enhance human well-being by offering alternatives in the age of global warming and energy crisis
  • We put our first priority in enhancing well-being of its members and realizing social value.
  • We provide an opportunity to show their talent, passion, beliefs, and dream in this overly competitive and materialistic world
  • Transparent accounting, democratic decision making, diligent tax payment, fair labor, equal income distribution
  • Right role model that generates good values and practices sharing in the capital society

Social Values and Goal

We provide products and services as a realistic answer for environmental and energy problems facing the world today to prevent indiscriminate misuse of future sustainability to fulfill today’s needs. Instead of heavily relying on fossil fuels and nuclear energy that have exposed too many problems, we have to help the world switch to renewable energy.

We should not dwell on hardware focused energy policy led by government or company but move onto energy independent awareness and understanding campaign through providing various education, technology and material.

Government, companies and NGOs should work together closely to utilize overseas support project as an immediate solution to the problems in poverty-stricken land.

Various useful solutions matched with appropriate technology should lead to setting up small companies with sustainable structure by engaging in regional human and material resources. These small companies should be continuously supported and cooperated with concrete measures until they grow into social value creating agents.