Solar Energy VS. Human Power


Now here comes the big match between

the solar power and human power!!


 SBS News-Running Man!
The mission is this:
For 1 hour, the scooter will be charged by
Solar Power and Bicycle Generator and see who can go further & longer!
 The winner will receive the prize of premium Naju Beef steak!
Who will win this race?
Ready, set, go!
It seems like their charging speed is about the same.
Wow.. what a scorching sun today!
Now time is up!
Now we can ride the charged scooter for the race?
Solar Power Team VS. Human Power Team
Oh..they are running neck in neck!
The winner is!
Solar Power Team!
The prize goes to the winner!
The delicious Naju Premium Beef Steak!
Although the human power team lost the race,
they did their best and received a little prize.
If you want to know what the prize is, watch the video!

Video Link:


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