The solar food factory in Cambodia

▲ The staff and village leaders gathered to celebrate the official opening of the factory.

Organic products produced by appropriate technology means food in your mouth by solar energy!

On 21 April 2017, the official opening ceremony of the farm product processing factory was held in Takeo province, Cambodia.

This factory has been established through the official development program run by Gyeonggi province of South Korea in cooperation withe Neighbor of Cambodia and Energy Farm Co., Ltd.


▲ The signboard at the factory

This factory is run by the electricity provided through the 9.9kW solar generating system constructed by Energy Farm Co., Ltd., which guarantees the sustainable and stable electricity use.

The aim of its establishment is to process the organic product from the villages, the beneficiaries of this ODA program. When the vegetables and meet are processed at the factory, its value and price in the market will be increased. This will contribute to the increase of the income of the villagers.

The factory succeeded in making the first sausage. From the end of March, the staff will concentrate on producing and selling organic products made by the factory.