Bicycle Milk Shake?

Energy Farm’s Bicycle Generator was on EBS Boni Hani!

At the restaurant of Mystery Q, we can learn interesting scientific principles

with a great fun!

If you want to eat and loose weight at the same time,

the best way is to ride our Bicycle generator!  🙂

Here come the Bicycle Milk Shake!

Whipped cream, milk, sweet vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup!

Yes, we are ready!

What we need to do is just ride the bicycle generator

to blend ALL of them!

Tada!!! Here you are, the Bicycle Milk Shake!

Do you want to know HOW?

This is the scientific principle of transferring the kinetic energy to electric energy!

You can use the blender as well as the colorful lamp!

Here, you can witness the light energy made by kinetic energy!

Isn’t this amazing?

The more you ride the bicycle,

the more milk shake

the more light

the more bubble

you can make!!:)

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