The 14th Energy Day in Korea! & Bubble Rider

[사진] 제 14회 에너지의 날 참여_(주)에너지팜 (2)

On August 28th, Energy Farm Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Dae-gyu) participated in '14th Energy Day' event held in Seoul Plaza.
The 'Bubble Rider' booth, run by the company and the Energy Citizens' Solidarity, provided an experience of making bubbles 
through the generated electricity (power) from the bicycle generator whenever the rider turns the pedal. 

More than 120 people visited the "Bubble Rider" booth at the event and showed great interest in self-generated energy that was created through appropriate technology.

The theme of the event was 'Turn off the lights and turn on the stars - Peaceful  Starry Night' mainly organized by the Energy Citizens' Solidarity. 

More than 30 energy-related institutions, organizations and universities participated in the event, exhibiting renewable energy products
such as solar mini-cars, solar cookers, automatic watering pots, and using eco-friendly up-cycle products using wasted movie posters and pallets.

Various hands-on energy-related experiences and education were also provided.
"We have been preparing  this event for a month ago and it is very rewarding to contribute to the meaningful work in the summer vacation,"  
said a college student volunteer who participated in the event.