We were on TV, KBS1TV!

Energy Farm Co., Ltd. was on TV, KBS on 29th of May, 2017!

KBS1 TV’s featured documentary “Sharing changes the world” showed

our national and international activities for the eradication of energy poverty!

If you want to watch the programme, click here:

Look at the bright smile of the young boy at the light provided by our SHS!

Providing energy solutions to combat energy poverty. Yes, this is what Energy Farm Co., Ltd. does!

In Cambodia, we work hard to install solar generators in cooperation with the team of solar engineers, Eco Solar!
Now, let’s look at our work in Korea!

We provide renewable energy and appropriate technology-based products, which are mainly used for educational purposes.

Solar cooker~!

Bicycle generator!!

We smile when you smile!

We work to give you a big smile on your face!