Play the Tug-of-War with the SUN

Now, here comes the Solar-Tug-of-WarYeah!!

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Wow, how does it work?

With this Solar-Tug-of-War,

you can learn how the solar energy changes into electricity, and kinetic energy

and how it can make you to play with the sun!


Here is the composition of the Solar-Tug-of-War.:)

When the solar panel that collects light and produces solar energy,

the driving part moves by the electricity made through the solar generating part.

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When the built-in motor starts running by the solar energy,

the rope becomes so tight!

Now, let’s play the tug-of-war with the SUN!
Yo-ho! Yo-ho!

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Guess who would win this game!
If you want to know who the winner is, contact us to get to know more about
our Solar-Tug-of-War!!