Bicycle Energy Race at 2018 Korea Eco-Expo!!

 At the 2018 Korea Eco-Expo,

Energy Farm launched the bicycle race!

About 1,000 visitors came to our booth for this new experience!

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If you want to know more, please watch the video!

We create energy with the bicycle generator,

run the bubble machine and blow the sign balloon!

What a cute seal riding our bicycle generator!

Energy, Energy, Go!!

Glo-Bee, the Official Mascot of the Eco-Expo runs bicycle too!

Korea Environment Corporation’s mascot Puru runs our bicycle generator!

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles and now you can grow a tree too!

Thank you SO MUCH for your participation at this 2018 Eco Expo!

스티커 이미지

Please, contact us any time at 070-8721-0901

for the interesting bicycle generator race!