The Solar Classroom in Kampot, Cambodia!

Thank you so much for your support to establish the Solar Classroom in Kampot!

The students now can benefit from the multi-media classroom run by solar energy.


Where are they all looking at?:)

Is there anything interesting, catching their full attention?

Yes, indeed!


Here in Kampot village, where about 300 villagers submitted a petition for electricity, 

now you can find a multi-media classroom with fans for the hot days and lighting for the shadowy days!

The funny educational videos are all available for the students!


Look how carefully our staff were installing the fans and other equipment!


To provide the stable electricity to the multi-media classroom,

we have set up our solar home system, NESFARM, and ceiling fans, a 49 inch wall-hanging TV and computer!




Now everything is up and running for the students!

Big thanks to Eco Solar Team for your efforts and help to make this happen!

Thank YOU all who participated in this crowdfunding project

 to gift this multi-media classroom to the student in Kampot!