MBC Dream Junior_Bicycle Generator Quiz Competition

Energy Farm’s Bicycle Generator was on MBC Dream Junior!

Do you want to know what it is?

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The participating teenagers want to study Electronic Engineering!

That’s why the quiz competition was needed to test their knowledge!

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When you want to answer the question,

you should first run the bicycle generator and light the lamp within 5 seconds

to get the chance!

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Alright! They are running to run the bicycle first!

Who will get the bicycle generator first?

Now, the pedaling just started!

Once, twice, three..and four times!

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Oh, good job!

He turned on the lamp and got the right answer!

How was it to participate in this bicycle generator quiz?

It was fun and…

it was a good exercise too! Hehehe..!

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We LOVE the bicycle generator!!

We really hope that the students will make their dream come true!

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Please, contact us any time to have this wonderful experience!