LG Foundation & LG Electronics CSR project in Cambodia

  • Period22 Sept ~ 31 Dec, 2014
  • Project organizerGreen Innovation Center of Small & Medium business belong to SMBA and GGGI
  • ContentsConstructed solar power generation facilities in 3 Cambodian schools
    Hope school: System link type solar power 8.8kW, air-conditioned 1 set, solar power street light 5 sets, projector 1 set
    Angkdei school: Stand-alone type solar power 3.3kW 48V, solar power street light 2 sets, set-up computer room (22sets n-computing), teachers’ room lighting/cooling
    ISAC school: System link type solar power 5.5kW, set-up computer room (11sets n-computing), solar power street light 1 set