Nesfarm, the sustainable solar system was launched in Takeo

Nesfarm, the highly effective and long lasting solar system, was launched in Niel Village, Takeo as a fruit of Korea International Cooperation Agency’s Creative Technology Solution Program in partnership with Energy Farm Co., Ltd. and the Neighbor of Cambodia


Everyone living on this earth has right to light in their life. The easy and sustainable access to electricity is definitely needed for the quality of life. This is also highly related to the issue of security, hygiene and education in relation to the overall human development. Nesfarm, the firstly introduced innovative Solar Home System is expected to bring light and restore right to the well-developed life in Cambodia.

On the 17th of August, 2016, the official launching ceremony of this solar powered device was held for the first fifty homes in Niel village, Takeo province. This event was hosted by Energy Farm Co., Ltd. and the Neighbor of Cambodia. The head governor of county, the head of Niel village, the CEO of Energy Farm Co., Ltd, the head of the Neighbor of Cambodia attended the launching ceremony along with about 80 Niel village residents, especially those of who have installed Nesfarm in their homes.

Nesfarm is a solar energy based electronic device that has multi-functions of controller, inverter and battery within its all-in-one system. It is basically run by solar energy and also, it has its own automatic battery management system for the dry and rainy season. Through its innovative charging technology, Nesfarm is expected to have three years of long-lasting battery life in comparison with six months in most cases. Energy Farm Co., Ltd. has invented this solar powered machine based on the partnership with Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in order to bring the energy solution to the issue of energy shortage in villages. For this reason, Nesfarm has been installed in the homes in Niel Village of Takeo Province for the first time, and the launching event is to celebrate this successful achievement.

Energy Farm Co.,Ltd. is a Korean social enterprise that is working for creating the energy solutions through the technology of renewable energy such as solar and wind energy. This company was founded in 2008, and since its foundation, the company has worked for Cambodia with the Neighbor of Cambodia(NOC). The co-hosting organization, NOC is a Non-governmental organization that has been working for the human development in Cambodia for the last sixteen years, and in order to provide the better energy access to the homes in rural area, NOC is strategically working with Energy Farm Co., Ltd through the installation of Nesfarm.

Regarding the launching of Nesfarm in Cambodia, Mr. Dae-gyu Kim, the CEO of Energy Farm Co., Ltd and Dr. Gi Dae Kim, the head of NOC said, “We hope to provide sustainable solar energy for the homes lacking energy access. We expect that through Nesfarm, people will improve the quality of their life and increase the social and economic activities by having found the solutions to their energy issues.”

With this launching event, Nesfarm will be available in the market and can be bought through the pay in installment on the twelve or twenty-four monthly basis. To secure the sustainability of Nesfarm, the NOC will constantly provide the after service to maintain Nesfarm with the two-year-warranty.