Energy Education Equipment

Bicycle generator

The bicycle generator uses the Faraday’s law to acquire electric energy by generating electromotive force between the copper coil and the magnet.

We provide two types of bicycle generator:
-a hybrid version with a battery charging system
-an on-the spot electricity producing version when cycling

You can learn the conversion process of human power into electric energy to use various electric devices
With out bicycle generator, you can make your energy education work better and offer a hands-on learning experiences for participants.


It is an upgraded model of the solar cooker “SK-14” which is world-widely used.
This equipment can be stored and used outdoors.

Reflector – The product has a lifetime of about 10 to 15 years and the maximum temperature of the focus is about 400 degrees (superscript temperature).
Under the direct Sun, it takes approximately 5 minutes to boil 1L of water. You can cook eggs, potatoes, and sweet potatoes without water.
The focus is located inside of the reflector, which reduces the temperature loss due to wind.
This helps you to use this solar cooker for making various dishes.


A device with which people can play a tug of war with the Sun through motor run by electric energy generated by the Sun.

Solar Tug of War is a product with high educational effect by experiencing energy conversion process from solar energy -> electric energy -> kinetic energy by turning driving device using electric energy generated by the solar energy obtained through solar module.

It can be used in creative scientific education through direct experience of energy conversion process. Its power is strong enough to pull the rope by 7 primary school children.

100W solar cell module is used.


The Scheffler Reflector, named after by the German inventor Wolfgang Scheffler Reflector, is designed to automatically track the path of the sun and consistently maintain the focus. This is easy to use, and the maximum temperature of the focus of ​​the 2.0 ㎡ reflector is about 500 ℃ ~ 700 ℃, and the time required to boil 1L of water on a sunny day is about 4 minutes.
(Korean clear weather / 2.0 ㎡ cooker basis)


This Solar Oven is designed to cook food using the sun’s infrared rays.
The support table is equipped with a height adjustment handle and wheel and easy to adjust the angle of incidence and move according to the change of sun’s location.
There is a door a door to easily put the container inside of the oven.
The temperature can go up to 250 ℃ depending on the season and weather to cook various dishes.
Without any water, you can cook ingredients with the moisture inside.
Thanks to the infrared rays, you can cook food without destroying any nutrition by the direct heat.