Energy Experience Equipment

Bicycle Generator

Constant voltage type

A type using electric power generated by bicycle through constant voltage regulator and invertor with no battery device.

There is no loss of generated electric energy due to storing the power in the battery and using inverter afterwards. In this regard, it has advantage in efficiency aspect, but during the time the bicycle is not used for exercise, electric power cannot be used.

Through an experience such as turning on the light or a fan using generated electric energy, the user can learn about the energy conversion process from user’s kinetic energy to electric energy.

Battery charge type/Hybrid type

In this type, the electric power generated by bicycle generator is stored in the battery and can be used at any time for various electric devices according to the charging time, battery and inverter capacity. However, some of the generated power may be lost during the processes of storing, discharging and using electric energy.

In some cases, the energy in the battery may be discharged gradually as the time goes by. Therefore, hybrid configuration can be applied with small scale solar energy generation or small wind power generation for the stable use of the generated electric power.

Scheffler Reflector

Product characteristics

* 2.0/10sq

Scheffler Reflector is known as Scheffler solar heater system named after its developer Wolfgang Scheffler, the German physicist. It collects heat through concentrating solar energy in a point by tracking the Sun’s movement automatically.

The maximum temperature on the focus is around 400~700.

It takes 4 minutes to boil 1L of water on a clear day. (2.0 reflector)

Example of product use

Solar cooker

Product characteristics

SK-14 advanced model that is globally used. A solar cooker needs to be stored and used outside. The reflecting plate of the solar cooker can be used for approximately 10~15 years.

The maximum temperature produced by this solar cooker can be up to approx. 400.

Example of product use

Solar Oven

Product characteristics

Solar oven can cook ingredients by using the infrared light of the Sun.

It’s available to cook with water within the ingredients without additional water, and as infrared is used, almost no nutrition is destroyed.

A handle to adjust table height and wheel is equipped for the easy control of the incidence angle and moving according to the change of the location of the Sun.

A door is installed in the back side for accessing cooking container conveniently, and the temperature inside rises up to 250 according to the weather conditions.

Example of product use

Solar Tug of War

Product characteristics

A device with which people can play a tug of war with the Sun through motor run by electric energy generated by the Sun.

Solar Tug of War is a product with high educational effect by experiencing energy conversion process from solar energy -> electric energy -> kinetic energy by turning driving device using electric energy generated by the solar energy obtained through solar module.

It can be used in creative scientific education through direct experience of energy conversion process. Its power is strong enough to pull the rope by 7 primary school children.

100W solar cell module is used.

Example of product use