Nesfarm A

Nesfarm A

Nesfarm is the innovative solar home system with the special functions to maximize the battery life span and prevent system failure such as overload and short circuit.


Charging Controller, Inverter in One Board


14kg (Device alone, Battery and Solar Panel are not included)


Charging Controller, Inverter, AC Socket, USB Port, DC Jack, Cigar Jack, AC/DC controlling switch


Charge Controller:

  • System Voltage-12V DC
  • Charging Type-4 –Stage PWM Charge
  • Charging Current- ~20A

AC Output:

  • Output Wave- Pure Sine Wave
  • Rated Output Power-500W
  • Output Voltage-220V AC
  • Output Frequency-50 / 60Hz

DC Output:

Output Voltage / Maximum power- 12V / 200W


LED lamps, TV, radio, cell-phone, rice cooker etc. can be used by Nesfarm