Renewable energy facilities

Stand Alone System

Solar power generation, which does not require the construction of long distance transmission lines, is the most commonly applied renewable energy solution in developing countries.
Energy Farm Co., Ltd. Has been involved in various facility constructing projects for the last10 years.
From the solar home system for an individual household to the mini-grid system for the village power supply and the transmission line building project, we conduct a participatory project, ensuring sustainability.
We design the best solar system based on our know-how about the extension of the life of the battery , the most important component in the stand-alone facilities.
If necessary, we use the wind power generation, biomass, small hydro power generation, commercial power supply, diesel generator to build the most suitable system for our users.

Wind Power Generator

Energy Farm Co., Ltd. manufactures and installs the stand-alone wind turbines with various capacities ranging from 500W to 3Kw.
We select the best generator model based on the field environment and build the system by configuring peripherals such as post and storage facilities and control box.

Hybrid Street Light

Energy farm Co., Ltd. manufactures and installs solar street lights.
To meet the requirements of the site in a better way, we also apply a hybrid system with wind power generator.
In developing countries, we share our technologies to utilize the local equipment for a better maintenance.