Business Areas

Eco-friendly & Renewable energy based education
  • Lectures & Hands-on Learning
  • Appropriate Technology Workshops
  • Protection of Educational Manuals
International Development Project in Energy
  • Constructing renewable energy based facilities in developing countries
    • Solar power generation equipment / Construction of Electricity Transmission line
    • Wind Power Generation, Small Hydro Power Generation, Water Supply & Water Purification Facilities
  • Transferring Appropriate Technology & Renewable Energy Related Technology
  • Conducting the ODA Projects and CSR Cooperation Projects
    • Conducting the planning investigation, feasibility study, facilities monitoring & post-evaluation and more.
Production and sales of Solar Home System
  • Technology development for inverters, controllers & SHS
  • SHS products (Nesfarm) - Production and sales
  • Mini-Grid Solar power generation Construction
  • Monitoring and follow-up services